Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gubbare - Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

It's not like I don't listen to any new songs. I do. But the old songs are everlasting and timeless; unlike very few songs of recent times - I doubt I'll recall them with as much fondness (if not more), say, five years down the line. You've got to admit it, they are like the new shiny toys you get - you are obsessed and engrossed for a couple of days. But then it's back to the old, tattered and bruised Teddy if you need some sleep. Okay, so maybe this metaphor is lame. But there's one I really liked. The post title says it all, doesn't it?

This song has a very Western and contemporary feel to it - which the movie obviously demands. And what I love is the metaphor - the lyricist likens 'moments' to 'balloons'. He maintains that metaphor throughout the song. Some balloons are filled a lot (indicative of abundance, perhaps), and some are flat (deflating moments in life) - but there's fun in each of it. What's more, take care - and hope that the 'pin' of sadness doesn't burst your 'balloon', 'coz you lose 'em balloons and they'll never come back again. There are so many colours, so why play with one? Take the whole bunch and have fun! Keep blowing the balloons and push the limit (make the most of each moment) and keep 'em all close to your heart.

Such a simple (yet different) thought put into simple words. 

And the video - here's two adults having simple, childlike, unadulterated fun (well, running an army tank over cars to destroy them isn't exactly childlike, and in the end they get back to drinking - but you get my point). That's in stark contrast to the title song of this movie, where they are completely sloshed and barely conscious. It really reminds one of how it were to be a child - walking into a carnival, all the joy rides, the games, the crowd, the fun, the prizes...
So here's the video and the lyrics. Enjoy!

Movie: Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (2012)
Song: Gubbare
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Music: Amit Trivedi
Singers: Nikhil D'Souza, Shilpa Rao, Amit Trivedi

Lyrics - 

Aasmaan se barse bhar-bhar ke
Neele, peele har colour ke
Tu khele jee bhar ke;
Aye dil tujhe pataa hai
Yeh lamhe aur kya hai
Jaan le; qism qism ke hai
Gubbare... Gubbare...

Koi thoda zyada bhara hai
Koi dheela phus padha hai, hawaa pe khada hai
Har ek mein mazaa hai
Aye dil tujhe pata hai
Yeh lamhe aur kya hai
Jaan le qism qism ke hai
Gubbare... Gubbare...

Dekho toh zara yeh, zara yeh kaise hai
Muskurahaton ke bahaane aise hai;
Janjhaton mein doobi doobi
Haan doobi duniya mein, duniya mein
Bulbule khushi ke, khushi ke
Khushi ke jaise hai

Zaraa sambhalke rehna, ghamo ka Pin chubhe na,
Kahin na phoot jaaye - dhatt teri!
Yeh pyaare se gubbare, na phir milenge saare
Bewakoofi hogi yaar yeh teri...

Ek se hi kaahe khele tu
Pura guchha lele tu
Sajaa le mele tu;
Bol kaisa lagta hai?
Aye dil tujhe pata hai
Yeh lamhe aur kya hai
Jaan le qism qism ke hai
Gubbare... Gubbare...

Ke chaahe jitne aur tu phulaa le
Haan muskura ke seene se laga le...
By the way, did I tell you it can get pretty addictive? You'll keep humming it and it should help lift your mood. Works for me!

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