Monday, December 5, 2011

Gata Rahe Mera Dil - Guide

I woke up groggily this Sunday morning and switched on the TV while having my cereal. That's when the news channel were flashing the unexpected news - Dev Anand had passed away.

Since then, all the channels have been swarming with reactions of the film fraternity - co-stars, directors, actors, et al. Numerous recent (and past) interviews are being aired and lots of movie clippings are being shown. But most importantly, a lot of songs! Indeed he had a number of super hit songs picturised on him. This post would prolong into a blog in itself, if I had to write on all the good Dev Anand songs (heck, that might as well be the compilation of all songs from his filmography!). So no - I won't. True to this blog, it's just one song that will be here. And I guess you figured it from the blog title!

My memory of this song is that I would inevitably sing this first if the letter 'ga' came whilst playing Anthakshari with friends or cousins. It was effortless. And when I was a kid, I didn't like this song much. And singing it for the letter 'ga' was the only purpose this song served (yeah, as strange as it sounds). But later on, I actually started listening to it carefully - and started loving it. It has this fresh, young feel to it and it's the kind of open-throated song you should sing out in the open - like in the jungles or the hills (as it has been picturised in the movie). I've heard that Dev Anand had a fascination for the hills and he often chose it as locations for his songs (I bet now you are doing a mental recap of his songs).

I think this song best embodies how optimistic love seems at its onset - it seems everlasting, you wish your partner is always by your side; that he/she never changes and you'll walk into the sunset of your lives - together. Of course, it was not meant to last, in the movie. I think I should catch it soon.

Why this song? - you didn't ask. But let me tell you anyway. Mom had called me today morning. After the usual chit-chat, as she was going to cut the call, Dad insisted he be given the phone. The next thing I hear is him singing 'Gata rahe mera dil....'! I hadn't expected it and my immediate reaction was to laugh. But then I knew. He had paid a little tribute when he sang that one line in the best way he could. So here it is - 

Credits -
Movie: Guide (1965)
Song: Gata Rahe Mera Dil
Lyrics: Shailendra
Music: S D Burman
Singers: Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar 

And to sing along - 

Gaata rahe mera dil, Tu hi meri manzil
Kahin beete na yeh raatein, kahin beete na yeh din
Gaata rahe mera dil

Pyaar karne waale, arre pyaar hi karenge
Jalne waale chaahe jal jal marenge
Mil ke jo dhadke hai woh dil, hardam yeh kahenge
Kahin beete na...
Oh kahin beete na yeh raatein kahin beete na yeh din
Gaata rahe mera dil

O mere hamrahi, meri baah thaame chalna 
Badle duniya saari, tum na badalna 
Pyaar humein bhi sikhaladega, gardish mein sambhalna
Kahin beete na ...
Oh kahin beete na yeh raatein kahin beete na yeh din
Gaata rahe mera dil

Dooriyan ab kaisi, arre shaam jaa rahi hai 
Humko dalthe dalthe, samaja rahi hai 
Aati jaati, saans jaane kab se gaa rahi hai, 
Kahin beete na ...
Oh kahin beete na yeh raatein kahin beete na yeh din
Gaata rahe mera dil


Arjun said...

Amazing song... I love it.. for that matter every song of this movie without an iota of exception

Vinitha Valsalan said...

And you grace this blog with it's first comment :)
I know that you love this movie and all its songs. :)