Friday, December 9, 2011

Vrishchika Poonilave - Thacholi Marumakan Chandu

Today as I was walking back to my apartment, from the bus stop, I looked up.
It's natural I think; to observe how the moon's looking today. We all do that.

  • Is she revealing only half her beauty? (Somehow, I can only personify the moon as a woman - so it's a she!)
  • Does she look like a nail cutting? (yes, a friend from school actually compared the crescent moon to that!)
  • Is she beaming in all her glory? 
Today was indeed a full moon. And as I felt the cold moonbeam on me, a song immediately came to my lips. And it finds its way onto this blog - Vrishchika poonilave. The poet/lyricist refers to the 'Vrishchika nilavu' and I am quite curious as to why he refers to the moon of Vrishchika (assuming he meant the month). If anyone has a take on this, please tell me. 

I find this song  both cute and naughty. And also as an attempt by the man to please (impress?) his lady love. After all he's asking the moon, aren't you ashamed of peeking into our privacy? And this being a period film, I felt that the words, metaphors and imagery has been carefully chosen to make it realistic. And the two comparisons I adore in this song -

Vaanathe valarmazhavillu pole
Ente maarathu mayangumee
Mangalangiye ......
(Likening the lady love resting on his chest, to the rainbow in the sky)

Vathilin pirakile navavadhu pol nilke
Vaathayanithiloode nokkaruthe...
(As my lady love stands near the door, coy like a newly wed - don't peep through the window)

Credits -
Movie: Thacholi Marumakan Chandu (1974)
Song: Vrishchika poonilave 
Lyrics: P Bhaskaran
Music: Dakshinamurthi
Singer: K J Yesudas

Not the best of prints, but it will have to do.

And the lyrics (P Bhaskaran was one amazing man, I tell you):

Vrishchika poonilave
Pichaka poonilave
Machinte melirunnu olichu nokkan
Lajjayille lajjayille
Ninakku lajjayille

Ilamavin thayyu thalirtha pole
Vayanadan vaakathai pootha pole
Vanathe valarmazhavillu pole
Ente maarathu mayangumee mangalangiye
Aruthe aruthe... Nokkaruthe

Naakiya sundhari manjani rathri
Nanichu nanichu nakham kadichu
Vathilin pirakile navavadhu pol nilke
Vaathayanithiloode nokkaruthe
Aruthe Aruthe... Nokkaruthe 

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